Edición de marzo de la revista Traffic Technology Online

Acaba de publicarse la edición de marzo de la revista Traffic Technology Online, uno de los medios de referencia del sector, que además se puede consultar por completo de manera online en el siguiente enlace.

A continuación mostramos los titulares del mes:

    • Pricing out pollution
      • There are hundreds of city access schemes in Europe, but the benefits of restricting traffic on urban roads are only fully realized with tolling, which brings flexibility and dynamic traffic management possibilities, as Peter Ummenhofer discovers
    • Rikesh Shah
      • Transport for London’s head of commercial innovation explains why he is, first and foremost, a problem solver
  • NEWS
    • Ready to test
      • A UK proving ground is prepared for the coming international standards on autonomous valet parking
    • Billions for roads
      • In the USA, DOTs have billions in extra funding thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act
    • Model city
      • The ancient city of York in the north of England is now home to cutting-edge real-time traffic modeling techniques
    • Weather vs pollution
      • In order to effectively reduce the impact of vehicle emissions it is necessary to take into account weather conditions
    • Picturing the future
      • The latest asset management tools range from hyper-local micromobility sensors to vast digital twins